Run Forest Run – Timing and Awards

We are excited that the theme of Run Forest Run is about community and participation. All finishers receive a participation medal.

However, we do recognise 1st places in some categories in the 4km and 10km events.   There are no category prizes in the 2km.

The award  ceremony will take place at 10.00 am on event day.

Timing Categories

Times for each event will be accessible in the following categories:

2km 4km 10km
Under 6 Under 8 Under 8
6 8-12 8-12
7 13-15 13-15
8 16-18 16-18
9 19-40 19-40
10-11 41+ 41+
14 and over

Fun Run Results

You can access your results soon after the conclusion of the event together with results from previous years on the Multi Sport Australia website. The above categories represent how the event timing will be presented. However, they are not reflective of any awards given.


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